Mutant Survival was made for the latest version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition at the time of release on August 11, 2020: v1.16.30 or later. For users on Windows 10, the Minecraft updates may not be set to automatic and the user will need to go to the Microsoft Store app and manually download the latest version.

  • Open Microsoft Store app
  • Login to your Microsoft account if not already
  • Look for the Downloads button on the upper right - it looks like a down arrow with a line underneath. This button will not appear if there are no updates available.

Some users who have not updated their Minecraft version will experience an issue with random loot chests not refreshing properly. They will need to update their Minecraft application and create a new Mutant Survival world in order for the proper functions to initialize. (Note: Progress from previous worlds will not be copied to the new world.)