Chroma Hills HD is one of the most memory intensive texture packs available on the Minecraft Marketplace due to its highly detailed textures at 128x. Due to the high memory requirements, players with lower tier devices with lower available RAM memory

Here are some things to do when you are having trouble with Chroma Hills HD on lower tier devices with less memory available.

  1. Make sure you have the latest versions of your OS (Android, iOS, Xbox, Playstation, etc) with the latest patches and updates.
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of Minecraft.
  3. Do not set any texture pack in your Global Resources settings. How to check. 
  4. Set Chroma Hills HD as the resource pack for each individual world that you want to use it in.
  5. Change to a lower resolution version of Chroma Hills - currently the 64x version. How to change.
  6. Do not stack other texture packs with Chroma Hills HD. Use only Chroma Hills and only the default Minecraft Texture Pack as set in Main Menu -> Settings -> Global Resources.
  7. Set the Render Distance to 16 chunks. Main Menu -> Settings -> Video
  8. Quit all other apps and restart your device. Run only Minecraft on your device.